Sophie Newman


Ethical fashion advocate, environmental and social activist, Sophie founded Ethical Fashion Australia™ to help people make informed choices in a confusing, and at times intimidating industry. Previously the owner of her own label, Sophie shares her insights, news & current events, styling tips, and sustainable lifestyle inspiration with the EFA community. 

Sophie manages EFA operations whilst editing and collaborating with global photographers and writers to produce and share the most relevant stories in the world of ethical fashion.

“My sincere goal in creating Ethical Fashion Australia is for the term ‘ethical fashion’  to become redundant. Like ‘health food’, the meaning should be inherent. Along the way if we can educate, inspire and support positive change then what we do has meaning.”

Ethical Fashion Australia™ welcomes the support of caring, passionate advocates who enjoy inspiring, sharing knowledge, and helping others. Sound like you? Contact us with a line or two on the topic you’re most passionate, and join the community!

OUR MISSION – To entertain + educate until fashion is synonymous with ethical & sustainable.

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