Ethical Fashion submissions

For Bloggers/Writers – We love to connect with and support passionate ethical and sustainable living advocates to inspire, share knowledge, and help others on their ethical journey. Send us a link to your work, or a few lines on the topic you’re most passionate, and join the community!

For Businesses – Our mission is to educate, promote and inspire growth in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry. In doing so, we support and share qualified businesses with our passionate audience – we’d love to hear about yours!It is important that your business meets the ethos of our online publication so please consider in advance if you meet the following criteria (if not, please hold your enquiry until you do). Ethical Fashion Australia™ would love to hear from businesses who meet 2 or more of our key criteria of;

  • handmade, made in Australia
  • fair trade certified (or equivalent community program with evidence)
  • organic materials, reused and recycled materials
  • sustainable and ethical production
  • small batch or made to order
  • new innovations in waste reduction and empowering people
  • socially conscious programs and mission statements
  • cruelty-free, animal friendly or conservation organisations

(Please note that meeting the stated criteria may not always eventuate in an opportunity).

If you’re ready to chat, please Contact Us online or using the email below.


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